Like Minded Projects

What happens when three food and drink businesses collaborate to bring Melbournians nutritious, delicious, affordable food under one roof?



Humming Puppy

There is an unfamiliar sound buzzing on the streets of Prahran…

Photo by James O'Sullivan

Deep Water Running

Lou Spargo jumps in the deep end to bring you her first Oh My Goodness story



The BikeShed

Got an old two-wheeler sitting around getting rusty? You need to make a visit to…

bike pic

The School of Life

Dust off your blazer and pull those knee high socks up, you’re going back to school…


Lola Berry

There’s something captivating about Lola Berry. Β Well, there are so many things it’s hard to know what to pinpoint. The 29 year old Β nutritionist,…

Thirvor Justin lead


One man’s mission to revolutionise the cancer experience for people all over the world


Image by James O'Sullivan

Mornington Peninsula

I have fond memories of holidays on the Mornington Peninsula throughout my childhood and teens. Β There are so many beautiful places to visit but…

Photo by Bec Hudson

Raven’s Creek Farm

There’s a gorgeous little place you need to visit down the Great Ocean Road…